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Pochade Boxes

All in one box for paints, brushes, mediums and to hold canvas boards


Cost – high end

Weight – empty filled (3 canvas boards, 9 x 37ml oils, brushes, and three minitaure jam pots of medium

Size of Canvas Board x 3 – 24 x 30 cm (3mm thick)

Durability – Robust wont blow over easily

Portability- Heavy, need to add d rings for shoulder strap. Recommend transport in trolley!

Ease of use – Easy but needs robust tripod due to weight

Reviews – Heavy needs sturdy tripod, does not blow over easily. Quick to set up. Integrated palette annoying as small jam jars in paint tray only just fit and can warp the slide out palette

Above: Mabef Pochade stool and tripod weight =
includes 10 125ml oil paint tubes 2 small jars for white spirit and liquin, brushes
A bit heavy the Mabef is over 4kg I carry this kit but I would prefer a lighter pochade

Guerrilla Painter 9 x 12 Guerilla Box

Cost – high end sourced from the USA

Weight Рempty  2.26 kilos

Size of Canvas Board 24 x 30 cm (3mm thick)

Durability – Medium robust wont blow over easily

Portability- Medium

Ease of use – Easy comes with a Universal Tripod Mount installed.

Reviews РA less heavy option  holds 4 wet panels in the lid so if you do a lot of canvases fast its a good option

Guerilla Box