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Plein Air Painting Kit Cheap Option

My current Plein Air Kit is relatively cheap! Compared to my Mabef Pochade box which cost over £135 you can have all these items instead.
I have moved away from using my Pochade Box as I find it too heavy and I really don’t like stretching over the palette to paint. This set up is far more adaptable and suits my process as I like to use a variety of canvas board sizes.

Easy to transport thanks to the shopping trolley • You can sit down • Can use different size canvases • Can carry your lunch in insulated compartment • Carry extra clothing in main compartment • Option to clamp an umbrella on trolley and sit on trolley so everything is secure.

Carrying wet painting/paintings at the moment I carry my painting by hand and pull the trolley. A better option is a Raymar Art Wet Painting Carrier (or similar) which can accomodate a range of canvas sizes (same width different heights). It is a lightweight solution made from corrugated plastic. But they are quite expensive in the UK • Jakar Field Easel is lightweight  (but robust) you may need to weight it down in breezy conditions.

Cheap plein air kit

Items pictured

  1.  Jakar Field Easel. Cost £30. Easy to assemble lightweight yet robust
  2.  Bergs Shopping Trolley with seat. Cost £60. Large wheels means it will do beaches and rough ground.
  3.  Aldi paintbox. cost £20. They don’t always stock these keep an eye out for special products.
  4.  Disposable paper pallete
  5.  Padded mans shirt. I find this useful to carry in the Bergs trolley if things get cold its easy to put on and you can get loads of jumpers under it!

Recommended additional items not pictured

  1.  Fingerless Gloves
  2.  Pac a Mac or similar windproof waterproof that packs up small
  3.  Hat my favourite is an Aussie Akubra style.
  4.  Rags
  5.  Homemade brush holder (2 loo rolls in my case) that fits in your paint box
  6. Thinners in miniture jam jars
  7.  Brush washer tin with 3 clips so it doesn’t leak!
  8.  Plastic bags for all rubbish
  9.  Brella sports umbrella