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Painted from combination of life observation of reflection in mirrorand view in a new tablet… I was playing with taking selfies leaning over it. My original painting only showed 3 fingers but it looked strange so I repainted the hand with four fingers so the hand is a little bit more finished than I would like.
In this painting I am tring to definine shape and contours with minimal brush strokes. I am increasingly interested in playing with the transparency of colours using the acrylics. When it works well there is a rhythm to a portrait created by the shape and direction of the brush strokes.
When I use oils I will start in acrylics exploiting their transparency and then add more opaque oil colour over the acrylic underpainting…. I have used this technique in the Portrait of Lorry in Malta .

“Searching” by Amanda Barrett Self Portrait January 2020

Title: “Searching”
Acrylic on canvas board
Size: 50cm x 50cm