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Painted at IBBAS Paint Out Competition 2019 in 3hrs plein air
Winner of 2nd Prize

“Old Quay, River Blyth” portrays the remains of an Old Quay for loading/off loading of barges plying the route from Southwold to Halesworth. Halesworth was the limit of the Navigable river in the 1700’s – 1800’s. Hence the Maltings at Halesworth and the Mill further down stream that would receive supplies and send produce back down the river though more likely it was to receive the grain from farms from the coast along the river course.

This part of the river was the site of an old quay or wharf, the old timbers have broken away from the bank. The focal point in thepainting is the 5 staves/pilings that appear mid river they caught my eye as they effectively block the potentially navigable channel. The river is tidal at this point, which I realised when the staves slowly began to disappear half way through the painting! The day was very hot 30 celsius and the sun caste strong shadows on the river bank.

If the history of the River Blyth is of interest here is a link to Blyth River: from Source to Sea that gives you some more information

Old Quay River Blyth

Oil on canvas board
Size: 24m x 30cm
Winner 2nd Prize IBBAS Paint Out Competition
£220  framed
Painted at Blythburgh Suffolk