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oil painting of destroyed trolley park at Haverhill Supermarket

Destruction at the Trolley Park was started en plein air over 2 Sunday afternoon sittings in a supermarket car park. The painting was finished in my studio.

I find myself becoming interested in dystopian themes and unusual subjects that may not look like a “paint-able” scene. This trolley park had been reversed into by a delivery lorry causing the roof panels to pop up and some of the glass panels to shatter. I was particularly drawn by the late afternoon light, the reflections and the patterns in the scene. This subject had a great a rhythm and flow. I have slightly distorted both colour and perspective. Intensifiying the shadow at the left of the painting and fading through to the right to lead your eye across from left to right.  The cones then interrupt this flow making the viewer stop and look. I love this effect of stop and start.

A painting is a success if I entice the you to look more closely and discover more (and maybe find a hidden landscape within the reflections!).

Destruction at the Trolley Park

Oils on Board
Size: 23cm x 50cm
Unframed £550
Framed £650