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Greyhound Rescue walking their dogs at Pakfield Beach

Oil painting from plein air reference sketch of the Greyhound Rescue walking their dogs at Pakefield Beach Sunday 9 June 2019

This painting is a record of life and colour. I was fascinated by the dogs being walked against a background of colourful beach huts.
The tan dog in the centre was actually a “tri paw” meaning three legged. It had a harness with 2 leads, the lady’s arm is outstretced to support the dog who was missing his right front leg. I originally painted the image with the three legged dog in but it didn’t work it looked like a mistake so I included his phantom leg. I am going to have another attempt at the scene from a different angle and make the dog three legged.

Pakefield Beach, Greyhound Rescue

oil on canvas board
Size: 20cm x 51cm
£220 framed
On sale at Ferini Art Gallery, Pakefield