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Six Mile Bottom level crossing old railway station

Six Mile Bottom is named as its six miles from the old start of Newmarket Racecourse and at the bottom of a valley.

If you drive through Six Mile Bottom it seems pretty featureless and forgetable. But there is a great level crossing with old disused station (now a private house). You can see the remanents of platforms and it does have the slightly post apocalypse feel…which is probably what attracted me!

Of interest is the road on the left that was used to speed test motorcycles by the Vincent company. They used to gun the “off the production line” bike (actually hand assembled in those days) to speeds up to 100 mph on that road.

Another interest Byron’s half sister used to live in Six Mile Bottom.

So if you pass through on your way to the A11 you now know its not just a road corridor to other destinations but a place in its own right x

Six mile Bottom, 1.15pm, waiting

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