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Stanstead Village from Glemsford Church Plein Air

The view of Stanstead Village from Glemsford Church is really interesting, there are 2 intersecting roads – one travelling horizontally along the hillside and one going up the hill at the back of the Glem valley. Although it is quite a distance from the Church the buildings really contrast with the surrounding farmland which makes them stand out in the March sunshine. I am becoming increasingly interested in composition. I do like to zoom into details and have tried to convey the distance by desaturating the far horizon and the buildings as they go up the hill.

If you get a chance to visit Glemsford in Suffolk do visit St Mary the Virgin Church. A short stroll to the the back of the graveyard will give you the view of Stanstead with boxford church peeking out of the woods on the right. Enjoy the view (beware, it can be very windy so wrap up!). Also the church has a really interesting 14th Century Chest on display and behind that an intricately painted organ. Suffolk has so may treasures waiting to be discovered!


Stanstead Village from Glemsford Church

Oil on canvas board
Size: 30cm x 30cm

Glemsford Church view of Stanstead Village
14th Century Chest Stanstead Church