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Supermaket during Lockdown

Submission Painting for Landscape Artist of the Year 2021  

The outside of Aldi Supermarket, Haverhill, Suffolk. This was painted during the first Covid Lockdown in March 2020.
Mostly completed Plein Air in acrylics from the passenger seat of my mini. You can see the brown mini reflected in the Supermaket window.  My son Robert was doing the shopping at the time. It was our second visit to the supermarket during the Lockdown, I had already done a sketch on our first visit.  I knew that Robert was going to take a long, long, time so I had prepared to do a painting.

Thanks to this painting I was fortunate to be selected as a pod artist for Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2021.

Supermarket during Lockdown

Acrylic on canvas board
Size: 50cm x 22cm
For sale please enquire via contact form