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If you love to paint outdoors why not enter the Munnings Museum’s Plein Air Competition?  You will have 5 hours in which to give it your best shot. Spread over 2 days – a Friday and Saturday in mid September – you can chose to do one day or both days.

How to enter

Open to Professionals and Amateurs alike its a great day and you could win a cash prize – so I recommend you put a note in your diary to check out the event next year. Details are on the Munnings Museum Website Events Page .

Artist’s experience of the competition 2018

I really enjoyed the day, it was my first Plein Air Competition and the weather was good, it was windy but sunny. By chosing a sheltered spot I avoided most of the wind. I went over the bridge to the north side of the Stour and went left along the river bank until I got a view over the river to Dedham church. It was a bright day and I was facing into the sun so the view was full of light. I used my Alkyd oils as I was keen to have a fairly dry painting to hand in after 5 hours. Maybe next time I will take the regular oils instead of the Alkyds as you have more time to work wet on wet. The Alkyds did dry quite quickly in the sun and I found I was adding quite a lot of turps. Regular oils and Liquin is probably a better option.

Although you have 5 hours from when they stamp your canvas to when you need to return the completed painting you have to factor in several things:
Travel to the river side (the museum is a short drive from the river about 4-5 mins).
Get your parking ticket
Carry your kit to the location you want

If you include setting up and packing up it leaves you 4 hours actual painting time realistically. Also if you do what I did and forget to put your pay and display ticket in your car (Yes… I found it in my pocket!) it can eat up even more time as you trek back to the car to put the ticket on the dashboard.
Given all the above I still managed to finish and enjoy the day.
I will try and go again in 2019, see you there!


Finished painting “Stour in September” Oil on canvas 33cm x 33cm