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Tips for Artists – of the painting kind

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Painters Kit

Paints, Hardware, Clothes etc Click to access linked pages

Pochade Boxes

Plein air Painting Kit Mabef Pochade

MDF prepare as canvas

Prepare mdf for artists

click on image for detailed instructions on how to prepare mdf

Plein Air Painting Kit Cheap Option

Plein Air painting Kit Cheap Option link image

Plein Air Tips

En Plein Air is painting outdoors from life rather than in the studio from photos
It presents unique challenges to the artist click on any tip to access all

Plein Air Tip 1

Painting in Sunlight


styles, medium, looking at others and practice, practice, practice!

Life drawing classes links:

• Cambridge Life Drawing
• Bungay Life Drawing contact me for info

Art Competitions

Competitions in UK  2020

see list of currently open competitions compiled by MOMA

Plein Air Events UK 2020

Events organised by Paint Out visit website

Selling your Paintings

You do want to sell paintings…you are going to have to do some marketing!

TOP To Do’s

short version below

1. Social Media
2. Websites that sell paintings
3. Submit works to Art Society open shows
4. Enter Competitions
5. Paint Plein Air at Events
6. Open Studios
7. Art/craft stalls
8. Your own show
9. Sell wet paintings from your easel